“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”


Certified Agile Educator


The modern world is fast-paced and constantly changing. However, it’s also becoming more compassionate, as social justice issues take center stage in the political and public sphere. Tomorrow’s leaders will need to be focused, dedicated to their work, and respectful to their fellow worker – in other words, they need to be agile thinkers.

GoAgileEdu is here to help today’s educators prepare young people for the modern workforce. Our certification programs offer agile coaching, so teachers can give their students the STEAM-based skills they need for success in business, IT, and countless other industries. With agile training, students can develop a foundation of collaboration and innovation.

Agile Training for the Classroom
Certification Courses
Prepare Your Students for a Successful Future

Certified Agile Educator Courses

Careers and Job Readiness

Help students find a career.


Help students build the next innovation.

Build Your Skills to Thrive in a Digital and Agile Market

Product Leader

For the Agile Product Leader

Learn how to maintain the stakeholder's vision while maximizing the value of work by the Developers.

Agile Team Coach

For the Agile Team Coach

Be a servant leader and boost productivity by coaching the Developers to be self-organizing and cross-functional.

Go Agile EDU History

Go Agile Edu started in 2016 to being Agile education to schools and teachers after successfully delivering Agile experiences to students in California.

Go Agile EDU Ideology

At Go Agile EDU we work in partnership with teachers to learn what is working and how we can improve.

Go Agile EDU Future

Go Agile EDU goal is to enable teachers to augment their existing courses with vocational content to provide students with 21st century skills.


Immersive Learning

Go Agile EDU use serious games and immersive learning experiences to engage students.  The goal is to create an environment for students to find their path toward their learning style.