Our Story

Today’s teachers have a big responsibility: they must prepare their students for success in college and in the job market.

We believe that agile and entrepreneur training is the key to helping today’s youth master self-directed innovation and project-based learning, opening doors to a career in technology, business, entrepreneurship, and more – and so we founded GoAgileEdu to help educators learn the skills required for agile thinking.

What We Do

GoAgileEdu offers agile coaching and agile certification courses for professionals in the education sector. These training classes help teachers, principals, and other educators understand agile methodology, so they can implement it into their classrooms.

Agile helps students learn to master the “four Cs,” – collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication – all of which are essential skills for a successful career. Our courses are STEAM-based programs that emphasize self-directed, project-based learning.

With these courses, teachers can:

  • Provide guidance to students so they can develop a resume and interviewing skills
  • Demonstrate leadership and communications skills
  • Collaborate with team members to develop a self-organized project
  • Excel in a project-based environment
  • Grasp Agile and technology concepts
  • Increase personal confidence to succeed
  • Leverage new skills that are transferable to community and work activities
  • Claim professional development credits (PDUs or SEUs)

What is Agile?

Agile was originally developed in the tech sector, so software development teams could complete projects more quickly and creatively. However, this methodology utilized skills that are widely applicable across a variety of industries.

Agile thinking helps individuals work effectively, collaborate with their fellow teammates, and innovate for create better projects that deliver value to their organizations. Through agile training, workers can collaborate better with one another, leading to more creative projects, more engaged workers, and more enjoyable work overall.

How You Can Get Certified

If you want to help your students master agile thinking, you can become a Certified Agile Learning Facilitator or Certified Agile Educator with GoAgileEdu. Our certifications are available online or in-person (pending COVID-19 risks), so teachers across the world can gain vital knowledge and help their students prepare for success in the workplace.

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Required Courses

Vocational Courses (require one or more of the following)

  • Job Readiness & Effective Communications (JREC)
  • Lean business startup & innovation (LBSI)
  • Introduction to Agile software development
  • Design Thinking

Agile Course (required)

  • Introduction  to Agile practices

Run a Workshop

  • One semester in the classroom during the school year
  • Augment existing class with a vocational course
  • Use Agile practices in the classroom
  • Measure the success
  • Share the story

Meet Our Team

Kemmy Raji Photo

Kemmy Raji is an Agile Coach and Trainer.  She has been practicing Agile for over 10 years and is a Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach (CTC), PMI Certified Project Manager, and a professional Coach with the CTI.

Dr. Charles Collingwood Photo

Dr. Charles Collingwood an AP Calculus teacher and Department mathematics chair at Sahuaro High School in the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD). He has taught all levels of high school mathematics in my over twenty year teaching career.

Dr. Dave Cornelius Photo

Dr. Dave Cornelius is the founder of Go Agile EDU and the 5 Saturdays STEAM program.  He practices lean and Design Thinking principles to improve the approach to learning and apply vocational skills.  Dr. Cornelius is also an Agile scholar and practitioner.